Torque and Tensioning

Controlled and verifiable studbolt tightening is paramount with studs and bolts designed to retain higher loads at close tolerances. Hydratight Sweeney offers an unrivalled product design and support service with extensive knowledge of applications across a wide range of industries.

  • Bolt sizes 20mm upwards
  • Products to suit all applications
  • Controlled bolt or stud tightening tools
  • Torque or tension
  • Verification using Ultrasonics
  • Single or multiple stud/bolt tightening
  • All industries: Steel processing
    • Reciprocating plant
    • Tracked vehicles
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Presses
    • Pumps
    • Diesel engines
  • Removal as well as tightening
  • Remote operation if required

Stress Relieving

Heat Treating RESISTANCE Process

This is a video that will describe the heat treat resistance process. You will be taken to the D.L. Ricci Corp site where you can view the video.

Heat Treating INDUCTION Process

This is a video that will describe the heat treat induction process. You will be taken to the D.L. Ricci Corp site where you can view the video.

In Place Machining

Clamshells A complete line of patented clams for pipe cutting, pipe beveling, ID boring, facing and OD turning.

BU Flange Facer An entire range of inexpensive pipe beveling tools for re-facing flanges.

End Prep Machines Adjustable for various pipe beveling and flange facing configurations.

Oval Manway Seat Grinder Conditions old and corroded gasket oval manway seat grinder surfaces.

Hand Hole Grinder Used for repairing and refurbishing leaking hand hole surfaces.

Tire Grinder This stationary machine is designed to regrind tires, trunions and rollers on kilns and large vessels.

Trunnion-Grinder This portable grinding machine provides powerful and accurate on-site grinding for trunnions or other large rollers.

Portable Milling Machines Single or all axis precision machining done accurately and quickly with these portable mills.

Keyway Cutters Re-cuts worn keyways or new keyways in place.

Portable Hydraulic Drill Versatile and portable machine for drilling, tapping, core-drilling and line boring.

Portable Boring Bars A variety of boring tools for smooth and precise portable boring.

Journal Turning Lathe Smooth and accurate in-place machining of journals and shafts.

MS-JTL The new MS-JTL combines our Clamshell and Journal Turning Lathe designs for precision machining of large diameter shafts.

Axial Feed Adaptable to our Clamshell Machine, it is designed to meet crucial specifications of weld finishing and OD turning in limited space and hostile environments.

Hydraulic Power Supplies Self contained units capable of supplying power to all the hydraulic equipment.

Tube Specialty Tools Complete line-up of precise tube squaring and tube cutting tools from High Purity Piping Technology (HPPT is a division of D.L. Ricci Corp.).

Pipe Freezing Equipment

Qwik Freezer equipment utilizes liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) to freeze stationary water in selected sections of pipe or tubing. By producing very low “dry ice” temperatures, Qwik Freezer forms a secure in-line ice plug. This temporarily isolates the water in the system and allows repairs or modifications to be made without draining down or shutting off systems.

Accu-Freeze utilizes liquid nitrogen in a controlled system to freeze stationary liquids in a selected section of pipe or tubing. By controlling the surface temperature of the pipe, Accu-freeze can accurately and safely form an in-line ice plug, capable of withstanding 2000 psi in pipes up to 12 inch diameter.


Boyle Energy Services & Technology, Inc. (BES&T) – Pre-commissioning Cleaning Specialists.We are proud to offer a full line of pre-commissioning cleaning services for power plants and other industrial facilities. We hope that you find the information contained on this website helpful.

  • Air Blows
  • Steam Blows
  • Chemical Clean and Passivation
  • Hydrostatic Testng
Valkyrie Commissioning Services, Inc. strives to be the preferred provider of hydrostatic testing and pipeline commissioning services to marine contractors and operators. Holding service quality and safety to the highest standards, we consistently provide reliable equipment, well-trained personnel, and professional project management. VCS services consist of:

  • Pipeline Cleaning & Drying
  • Dewatering
  • Deepwater ROV Pipeline Commissioning Solutions
  • Filling
  • Gauging
  • Gel Cleaning
  • Gel Isolation
  • Inhibitor/Biocide
  • Pigging
  • Pressure Testing
  • Product Commissioning
  • Product Displacement

Weld Test Plugs

HYPUR-MATE Weld Testers

  • Patented multi-schedule seal design 1
  • Standard range from ½” to 24” 2
  • Rapid hydraulic actuation from 4” upwards 3
  • Significant savings on shutdown time
  • Suitable for fluid & and gas test mediums
  • Simple, cost effective, reliable hydrostatic testing
  • Minimal test medium required
  • Standard pressure rating to ANSI 2500

Turnkey Welding Services/Project Management


Main Steam Isolation Valves
Gate Valves
Globe Valves
Check & Stop Valves

Valve Replacement Services

Pump Replacement
Pump Body and Shaft Overlays/Repairs
Re-Machining Services


RPV Flange Repair / Resurfacing
RPV Nozzle Safe End and Weld Overlays
Primary Piping Overlays / Repairs
Emerget Repair, Hot and Cold Leg
Preemptive Weld Overlay for RPV Nozzles

S/G Feed Ring Repairs
Feedwater/Aux Feedwater Nozzle Repairs & Replacements
Stub and Bolt Hole Repairs
PWSCC/IGSCC Weld Overlays/Repairs
Pipe Replacement
Pipe ID/OD Overlay

Pipe Replacement
Extraction Steam Piping
Service Water System Piping Overlays / Strainer Repairs & Replacements
Piping ID/OD Overlay
MSR Internal Replacement
MSR Retubing
Heat Exchanger Upgrades/Change-Outs
Large Bore Pipe Cladding
Pump Shaft Repairs
L/P Turbine Inner Casing Repair
Dry Fuel Storage Support/Canister Welding
On-site heat treatment

Bunker/Silo Cleaning