Full On-Site Machining Services

Power Products Sales and Service, Inc. offer world-class turnkey services for over 25 years in the industry. Specialize in full on-site machining services, torque, and tensioning services, heat treating, start-up, and commissioning and decommissioning services. We proudly serve globally and are well known throughout North America as a leading manufacturer of heavy industrial tools and equipment to power generation, refining, oil and gas, and shipbuilding companies. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. We are here to provide sound and on-time solutions to heavy industries.

Torque and Tensioning


Controlled and verifiable studbolt tightening is paramount with studs and bolts designed to retain higher loads at close tolerances. Hydratight Sweeney offers an unrivalled product design and support service with extensive knowledge of applications across a wide range of industries.

  • Bolt sizes 20mm upwards
  • Products to suit all applications
  • Controlled bolt or stud tightening tools
  • Torque or tension
  • Verification using Ultrasonics
  • Single or multiple stud/bolt tightening
  • All industries: Steel processing
    • Reciprocating plant
    • Tracked vehicles
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Presses
    • Pumps
    • Diesel engines
  • Removal as well as tightening
  • Remote operation if required

On Site Stress Relieving and Preheating Services





Cooperheat provides a full range of heat treatment services onsite or at our facilities. With global resources including more than 1,000 sets of electrical heat treatment equipment, 50 gas and oil burner sets and more than 400 experienced heat treatment technicians, Cooperheat is a leading innovator in thermal technology to the Oil & Gas, Chemical & Power industries.


The heat treatment of metals has been practised in various forms for many centuries. Initially heat treatment was used to enhance the properties of raw iron for tools and weapons. The heat treatment process produced excellent combination of toughness and flexibility in blades, combined with a very hard cutting edge using only the most basic of forges, though operated by highly experienced craftsmen.

Heat treatment is a method of altering the physical and sometimes chemical properties of metals and essentially can be defined as the controlled heating and cooling of a metal or metal alloy, in its solid state, to produce certain changes in its properties. The heat treatment is generally designed to leave the steel free from harmful, unevenly distributed internal stresses, yet leaving it hard and tough enough to be serviceable. It removes the external brittle micro structures that follow quenching and restores toughness and ductility, according to the temperatures adopted.


Cooperheat has established a reputation in thermal technology design and engineering excellence for petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas and power industries. Our global footprint has generated a wealth of experience and today an international network of operations makes Cooperheat the world’s largest specialist heat treatment company. Located in the UK, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, Cooperheat offers a complete range of heat treatment project services which add value and deliver clients the following benefits:

  • Improved structural integrity of plant and asset life
  • Reduced costs
  • Customised service configurations to meet client specific requirements
  • Global resources ensure rapid response to challenges with fast and effective services
  • Turnkey service for a full range of fully engineered heat treatment services and solutions
  • Access to in-house experts and experienced heat treatment engineers and technicians

Cooperheat is committed to quality onsite services which have developed the company a well-earned reputation built on the highest safety, quality and technical expertise.

In place machining services


With 10 locations across the US and Canada, Superior (SPR) sells and rents specialty tools and equipment for the Oil and Gas, Mining, Heavy Construction, Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Defense, and Power Generation industries. We offer a line of portable ID/OD flange facers, linear/gantry and rotary mills, end prep bevelers, isolation and weld test plugs, auto bore welders, and line boring machines, and we provide custom engineered equipment and tools for specific applications. SPR also provides custom and standard tool bits, as well as precision grinding.

SPR provides value added engineering, training, and operational support, while maintaining the industry’s highest health, safety, and environmental standards. Our extensive experience in service, our background in equipment requirements, and our willingness to go the extra mile are the cornerstone of our commitment to providing exceptional equipment and customer care.

Specialized field and shop machining services include flange facing up to 120 inches, drilling/tapping, precision line boring, standard and heavy wall pipe-cutting and beveling as well as milling pump bases. Various methods include: small and large diameter boring bars, portable lathes, mag-base drills, specialty milling equipment and metal disintegrators for time sensitive stud or nut removal. Tight tolerances and exact surface finish are achieved.

Service Commitment

  • Nationwide footprint to improve logistics and cost
  • Experienced representatives
  • 24/7 communications to the job site
  • Willingness to go the extra mile.


› Pump and motor bases
› Exchange partition
› Keyways in shafts
› Access doors

Shaft and Journal Turning
› Up to 32″ diameter
› O-ring grooves
› Re-establish journal-bearing surfaces
› Out-of-round gear seats on shaft
› Resize shaft ends
› Minimal disassembly
› No need for shaft to rotate

› Up to and above 120″
› All types: flat, raised face, RTJ and clamp-type flanges
› Portable O.D. and I.D. mount machines

Pipe Cutting and Beveling
› Up to 120″
› Any wall thickness
› All materials machined: carbon, stainless steel, chrome, P91, exotic alloys
› Counter boring, taper boring, schedule reduction
› Standard, compound and J bevels as well as special configurations
› Valves, elbows, tees and other components
› Minimal radial and axial clearance needed

› Line boring
› Hole boring in headers for weldolets and tube stubs
› Boring of nozzles in vessels
› Buckets, loaders and other articulated equipment
› Valves, pumps and rotating equipment

Pipe Freezing Equipment



Qwik Freezer equipment utilizes liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) to freeze stationary water in selected sections of pipe or tubing. By producing very low “dry ice” temperatures, Qwik Freezer forms a secure in-line ice plug. This temporarily isolates the water in the system and allows repairs or modifications to be made without draining down or shutting off systems.

Accu-Freeze utilizes liquid nitrogen in a controlled system to freeze stationary liquids in a selected section of pipe or tubing. By controlling the surface temperature of the pipe, Accu-freeze can accurately and safely form an in-line ice plug, capable of withstanding 2000 psi in pipes up to 12 inch diameter.




Industrial Cleaning and Commissioning Specialists

Elden Consulting and Industrial Services is
a global provider of system commissioning
and cleaning services for multiple industries.

We seek to combine state of the art
equipment with experienced and efficient
engineered solutions for rapid deployment
and minimal downtime

Our solution saves our customers both time and money while delivering a superior service.


From skyscrapers to sprawling sell sufficient private communities, the delivery of water and removal of waste products requires ongoing maintenance to ensure optimum efficiency. From initial commission – ing to scheduled maintenance or even emergency response, Elden Industrial has the solutions.


Whether your company operates a single manufacturing installation or is a multi -national pharmaceutical company, Elden Industrial is able to provide cleaning and startup services to meet your needs.


Coal, oil, biomass, natural gas, or nuclear power production facilities all have similar needs when it comes to commissioning and regular maintenance. Our experience has allowed us to develop efficient and cost-elective solutions to meet your needs with minimal downtime and no hidden fees.


The challenges faced by municipalities are many. However, they don’t have the luxury of waiting until a problem arises to take action. Elden Industrial’s solutions can help maintain the viability of municipal water and sewage systems without the inflated price tag associated with some other companies.

Pressure Tests ⚫ Turbulent Aerated Pig (TAP’”) Flush ⚫ Chemical Clean ⚫ Descale ⚫ Boilout ⚫ Low Pressure Steam Blow ⚫ Heat Exchanger Cleaning


  • Executed 45 large scale projects world—wide
  • Average cost of $1.OM
  • Commissioned 20.2GW to power grids
  • Over 20 years of engineering and field operations
  • PE licensed
  • OSHA safety trained

Commissioning Services

  • TAP Flush’* – High velocity aerated water slug flush for process piping
  • Boil-out & eco-friendly clean/degrease of boilers and process piping
  • Chemical clean
  • Pressure testing
  • Steam blow
  • Process drying of piping
  • Fuel gas/fuel oil systems
  • Condenser cleaning & commissioning

Maintenance Services

  • Descale of water and process piping
  • Improve e&ciency in the heating or cooling system
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Scheduled outage cleaning
  • Post tube replacement cleaning
  • Emergency maintenance
  • Grease removal
  • Routine flushing of water distribution networks / force mains


Not Over Engineered. Our methods have been developed to reduce your cost while providing a rapid and elective turnaround to hit your project milestones. When designing your custom solution, we carefully consider and seek the most eRcient method to meet your needs. During implementation, we come on -site and work directly with your personnel. By leveraging the knowledge of your current resources who have an intimate understanding of the facility, we reduce your cost and overall implementation time.


Our implementation experience and knowledge allows us to provide rapid and accurate quotes so you can move forward with your project. Most projects can be engineered in less than 2 weeks and submitted for your approval well in advance of the need. Additionally, our engineering team has amassed considerable experience in the held allowing us to rapidly respond to the changing needs of our customers and their projects.


To meet your needs, we design our engineering solutions with careful consideration given to incorporating locally or on -site equipment availability. While other Arms run up their profits by forcing customers to use their equipment, we feel that the same or even better results can be achieved by integrating existing hardware on the site or sourcing locally. This saves you money, time, reduces waste, cuts transportation costs and reduces unexpected barriers to completion. Our strength is our process.

Weld Test Plugs



HYPUR-MATE Weld Testers

  • Patented multi-schedule seal design 1
  • Standard range from ½” to 24” 2
  • Rapid hydraulic actuation from 4” upwards 3
  • Significant savings on shutdown time
  • Suitable for fluid & and gas test mediums
  • Simple, cost effective, reliable hydrostatic testing
  • Minimal test medium required
  • Standard pressure rating to ANSI 2500

Turnkey Welding Services/Project Management


Main Steam Isolation Valves
Gate Valves
Globe Valves
Check & Stop Valves

Valve Replacement Services

Pump Replacement
Pump Body and Shaft Overlays/Repairs
Re-Machining Services


RPV Flange Repair / Resurfacing
RPV Nozzle Safe End and Weld Overlays
Primary Piping Overlays / Repairs
Emerget Repair, Hot and Cold Leg
Preemptive Weld Overlay for RPV Nozzles

S/G Feed Ring Repairs
Feedwater/Aux Feedwater Nozzle Repairs & Replacements
Stub and Bolt Hole Repairs
PWSCC/IGSCC Weld Overlays/Repairs
Pipe Replacement
Pipe ID/OD Overlay

Pipe Replacement
Extraction Steam Piping
Service Water System Piping Overlays / Strainer Repairs & Replacements
Piping ID/OD Overlay
MSR Internal Replacement
MSR Retubing
Heat Exchanger Upgrades/Change-Outs
Large Bore Pipe Cladding
Pump Shaft Repairs
L/P Turbine Inner Casing Repair
Dry Fuel Storage Support/Canister Welding
On-site heat treatment