MORGRIP® is a weldless mechanical connector which provides a high integrity connection for all types of metal pipework, onshore and offshore, topside and subsea.

MORGRIP® onshore and topside connectors are designed to be used as a firesafe weldless replacement for a permanent pipeline repair, blanking redundant lines or for tie-ins. MORGRIP® is faster and safer to complete than a weld and being a mechanical connection does not require a hotwork permit. Two standard ranges are available, often from stock for popular pipe sizes:

The 150 Series range, for pipelines of ANSI 150lb pressure rating,

The 2000 Series, for up to ANSI 1500lb pressure rating.

Lloyds Register and DnV Product Approvals permit designs to supplied up to ANSI 2500lb, although these are not normally stocked.

MORGRIP® subsea connectors are used for repair of existing pipelines, routing modifications or tie-ins. The connector replaces a weld or other mechanical connections.

The QUICKFLANGE™ is a standard range of pipe to flange connectors terminating in an ANSI 900lb rated weld neck flange. Other designs, ratings and terminations can be quickly configured to suit customer specifications.

All connectors can be supplied with certification for compliance with your chosen pipeline code including the recent DnV RP-F104 Recommended Practice for Pipeline Connectors.

Hydratight Sweeney also design 3000 series bare pipe to bare pipe couplings for use with divers and 3000Ri couplings for deeper water for use with ROV vehicles.

To assist design, project, or construction engineers two selection software programs are available free of charge, one for topside or onshore, the second for subsea. Both programs provide key data including dimensions and weights.


Quickflange from MORGRIP® is the high specification pipeline connector used for permanent subsea and tie-in applications around the world.

With its successful MORGRIP® supply history of 1100 connectors, HYDRATIGHT SWEENEY now offers QUICKFLANGE™ which provides the benefits of MORGRIP® at a competitive price.

QUICKFLANGE™ employs patented and unique weld-strength grip and metal/graphite sealing systems in a connector simplified for easy installation.


  • Compliance with API 6H
  • DNV Type Approved up to 42” and 2500lb (in accordance with RP-F104)
  • Lloyds Register Approval – all sizes and pressure ratings
  • QUICKFLANGE™ metal seals compliment those of ball flanges and RTJ flanges
  • Out-performs 9/10 welds in terms of fatigue
  • Design life life of 30 years
  • Easily installed by customer personnel