Haywood Machine manufactures boiler tube alignment clamps and waterwall panel jacking devices.

Tube Alignment Clamps

“A” Model Clamp – used on a 1-1/4″ water wall tube panel.

“A” model clamps fit 7/8″ OD through 1-3/4″ OD tubes.

“B” Model Clamp

“B” model clamps fit 1-1/2″ OD through 2-1/2″ OD tubes.

“S” Model Clamp

Special Clamps that are short on one end can be used where obstruction such as a header, bend or swedge prevents the use of a normal clamp.

Tig Welding a waterwall tube.

Over 50% of the root pass can be welded without removing the tube clamp. Without having to tack weld the tube first, one side of the tube can be welded with only one tie in. This will greatly reduce the chances of a rejected radiograph for incomplete or excessive penetration.

“B” Model with 2-1/2″ tubeJacking screws on all clamps help to align tubes when there are differences in the outside diameter, such as worn, pitted or overlayed and pad welded areas.
Ratchet wrenches can be supplied if requested.
There are currently 2 sizes of Boiler Tube Alignment Clamps available for rent.

  • Small ( A model ) – 7/8” Through 1-3/4” OD Tubes
  • Large ( B model ) – 1-1/2 Through 2-1/2” OD Tubes

These clamps are supplied with Custom made, Heat Treated Alloy U-bolts.

When ordering please specify OD of tubing and width of membrane if Clamps are to be used on waterwall tubes.

2 ea. – U-bolts with extra nuts and washers are supplied with each clamp at no extra cost.

Order as many U-bolts as you think will be needed for the job, there is no charge for U-bolts that are returned in unused condition.

Ratchet Wrenches or ½” drive deep well sockets ( 11/16” ) can be supplied if requested.

Waterwall Panel Jacking Devices

Waterwall Panel Jacking Device

This jacking device is used to align waterwall panels or plates and beams. It has 10 tons of force.

Aligning 1 1/4″ tube Waterwall panels
Aligning 1 1/4″ tube Waterwall panels
Weld on lug for Jacking Device

These lugs can be ordered for any size tubing and can be reused many times.

Panel Jacking Equipment

There are currently 2 sizes of Panel Jacks available for rent.

  • The small one is preferred for about 90% of all tube panel membrane fit up, and is designed for use with an ( Enerpac RC-102 or OTC C-102C ) cylinder. (Cylinders are not supplied )
  • The large one is preferred where membrane fit up needs a longer jack as on some Supercritical Boilers and is used with an ( Enerpac RC-104 or OTC C-104C ) cylinder.

They both have the same amount of jacking force and have been tested at the full capacity of the Porta Power cylinder ( 10 Tons).

When ordering weld on lugs for the Panel Jacks, please specify whether the jacks will be used for plates/beams or waterwall tubes, the OD of the tubing & membrane width is needed for the proper lug length. These 2 hole lugs can be reused many times.