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Pipeline Cleaning and Drying

Drying a pipeline can be done using different methods. Valkyrie's project team will determine the most cost effective and time saving method way to dry your pipeline. Whether it is done conventionally using brush and swab pigs propelled with dry air, nitrogen, or vacuum drying, the outcome will be the same: a dry pipeline. Dew Points can be achieved from 0 degree farenheit to whatever the project specific dew point required. The end result is with a dry pipeline, the maintenance and operational downtime with the pipeline are less likely.


Valkyrie Commissioning offers a variety of de-watering solutions depending on the project need. The pipeline may be de-watered by using the conventional method, which is a train of standard poly pigs pushed with air. Another option is to de-water the pipeline using product if the pipeline allows for this. If not, then given the specifics of the pipeline and the condition that the pipeline will be left in after de-watering, Valkyrie can offer several solutions to better achieve the most cost effective and project specific related solution. Valkyrie has the ability to de-water using different drying agents. One is glycol or methanol slugs between pigs, which will also require the disposal of the glycol or methanol as it is received at the receiving end of the pipeline. With the installation of the Valkyrie Commissioning skid at the discharge of the pipeline Valkyrie's personnel can treat or capture the water as it is discharged. This eliminates the hassle of disposal. The other is an enviromentally friendly gel that Valkyrie offers. The gel is loaded between a pig train and pushed through the pipeline using dry air or nitrogen. Since the gel is bio-degradable and enviromentally friendly it can be discharged directly overboard along with the water in the pipeline.

Valkyrie also offers high pressure / high volume booster compressors to do the job when the standard air compressor cannot. This is occuring more often now that the pipelines are being layed in deeper water.

Deepwater ROV Pipeline Commissioning Solutions

New Technology

With a strong background in the application and operation of Deepwater Pipelay, Remotely Operated Vehicles, and Pipeline Commissioning, Valkyrie Management has key objectives of developing and applying new technologies to the pipeline commissioning processes. We have taken the lead in utilizing computer technology as a replacement to traditional chart recorders to document commissioning activities and hydrostatic tests. We have also undertaken an internal research and development program to develop proven ROV technologies for application to pipeline commissioning related workscope. Named Subsea Pipeline Commisioning System (SPCS) our technology allows for the elimination of substantial topside equipment by performing the commissioning process from the seafloor. Our efforts are focused on reducing our customers' overall project costs through the application of deep- water technologies.

Additional Info on SPCS

  • Subsea Pipeline Commissioning System (SPCS)
  • SPCS Commercial and Operational Comparisons
  • Offshore Magazine, March 2002: ROV-Based Solution Simplifies Pipeline Commissioning


Need a pipeline filled? Diameter, length, or pressure required - Valkyrie has the pump for the job. With pig speed playing a key role in the entrapment of air during fill operations, Valkyrie has the ability to fill any pipeline and maintain a constant pig speed of 3ft/sec or less in order to minimize the air left in the pipeline after fill operations, at the same time allowing the hydrotest to be achieved in a more timely fashion without the entrapment of air. Pumps range from 245GPM at 1000 PSI to 3000 GPM at 300 PSI.


Prior to hydrostatic testing of most pipelines a gauge pig is run through the pipeline to ensure the integrity of the pipeline after pipelay operations. Normal data retrieved by the gauge plate will tell if the pipeline has been dented, buckled, or has any internal deformaties. A flow meter and pressure recorder are installed during the gauge operations to track the pig speed, flow rate and pressures throughout the gauge run. This is done to better track if there are any differentials in pressure and flow during the operation to better locate where the deformity would be if the gauge plate were to be received with indications of a buckle, dent, or other damage. A pinger can also be inserted in the gauge pig body to better track the location of the pig if it were to get lodged.

Gel Cleaning

Gel Isolation


Valkyrie Commissioning services offers several solutions to prevent pipeline corrosion. With a VCS line of Inhibitors and Biocides, Valkyrie offers a solution to prevent internal corrosion of pipelines. With experienced personnel and quality equipment Valkyrie can inject chemicals during fill operations, hydrotest operations, or while the pipeline is on-line. The VCS Project team can also offer a solution to any pipeline corrosion or paraffin need. Provided with a sample of the product and an idea of the problem, VCS's team can test and analyze the product sample and determine or even design a project specific VCS chemical as a solution.


The term "pigging" is very broad and covers a wide range of services. Valkyrie has the personnel and equipment to handle any pigging job out there. Most pipelines are maintained and operated in the standard industry with the use of some sort of pigging program. Valkyrie's project teams offer experience, engineering, technical solutions, equipment, and personnel as the ideal solution to any pigging problem.

Pressure Testing

Valkyrie Commissioning Services maintains a large fleet of hydrostatic test pumps. As time is always a concern with any project, Valkryrie can perform any hydrotest in a safe and expedient fashion with pumps ranging from 10 PSI to 20,000 PSI and volumes of 1 GPM to 350 GPM. Space is another obstacle often dealt with when trying to perform testing operations. Valkryie's hydrostatic test pumps were specifically designed to be as compact and light as possible to better handle this situation. Weights range from 100 lbs. to 16,000 lbs. All pumps are skid mounted with containment skids and lifting pad eyes for easy lift capabilities. Spark arrestors, emergency shut downs, stroke counters, and pressure relief valves are also installed on all pumps.

Valkyrie also offers the ability to test and purge using Nitrogen. Nitrogen can be provided via a Nitrogen Generator or liquid nitrogen in cylinders or by bulk tanks. Pressure ranges vary depending on what method is used.

Product Commissioning

Valkyrie's Commissioning Skid allows for VCS to assist in the commissioning of pipelines using product. The skid is a mobile package unit that comes with its own containment pan to capture any small leaks or spills associated with commissioning. It also has its own control valve, flow meter, sample ports, and by-pass valve. The skid is attached to the discharge flange on the pipeline and routed over board and the by-pass line to a holding tank. Water is pushed through the skid from the launching end using product and routed overboard. The control valve is used to regulate the pig speed using the flow meter as a guide to determine how fast the pig is traveling based on the amount of water being discharged. As the pigs get closer to the receiver the water will be sampled checking for signs of product. Once product is detected the overboard valve will be closed and the by-pass line to the tanks opened to receive product. This is a very compact skid package and allows for all or most water to be discharged overboard and eliminates the risk of product overboard at the same time controlling pig speed.

Product Displacement

Valkyrie Commissioning Services offers a wide variety of pumps to displace pipelines. VCS's fleet of displacement pumps have the capability to over come pressure if the product needs to be pushed into an existing line under pressure or into a holding tank. Whatever the circumstance might be, VCS has the pumping solution, using sea water or chemicals.


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