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Turbine Tools                                

Power Products. has specialty tools that you need for your turbine outages and turn arounds. Maintenance crews throughout the world depend on our taper gauges, sockets (castellated & standard), adapters, brass wedges, eyebolts and on our more specialized tools such as the speed heaters, bolt heaters (including flexible bolt heaters), stud runners for stud removal and the Porta-Safe (portable power) to transform higher loads of energy to safe levels.

Our NEW Speed Heater -  bolt heaters Bolt Heater!

 speed bolt heaters

Click photo to enlarge
Bolt Heater Controller

Vibrating Pack Alignment Tool

Alignment, Tightwire Brackets, Extensometer, etc.


Micrometers, Protractors, Chain Indicators, Packing Tooth Scraper, Brass Wedges

EDR Taper Gauge

and Rotor Charting System Software

Induction Heating

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