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The TUBEMASTER C-Series Weld Heads are easy-to-operate tools for autogenous tube welding. Four standard models cover tube size ranges from 6mm to 114mm (0.25" to 4.5") OD.

With Magnatech's C-Series Heads, you can make any tube-to-tube or tube-to-fitting weld in less time with precise, repeatable results.

The double clamping cartridge design simplifies work piece fit-up and eliminates tack welding in many cases. Collets are available for all tube and fitting sizes (all fitting manufacturers).

The C-Series weld Heads can be used with several different Magnatech power sources.

The C-Series heads combine ruggedness with precision to make automatic, all-position welds in the shop or field. C-Heads are suitable for both high-production industrial applications and precision clean room or laboratory work. Ideal for orbital tube welding.


  • Tubes and fittings are precisely clamped using collets which are mounted in both sides of the cartridge
  • Removable cartridge simplifies alignment and allows 360° inspection of the joint before welding
  • Us several cartridges, each pre-fixtured for a specific tube size to eliminate collet changeover time, and to allow joint fit-up to proceed independently of welding operations
  • Non-standard collet sizes for tubes or specific fitting geometries are available to customer specifications, in both inch and metric sizes
  • Return-to-Home feature automatically returns the rotor to its open position at weld completion
  • Waterproof storage case supplied with each weld Head
  • Narrow weld head profile allows welds with restricted axial clearance
  • Weld Heads may be used with or without water cooling (without water cooling for certain applications - see Factory for details). (Internal weld head water cooling is provided standard with all models, allowing use with a water circulator when needed for high duty cycle applications)
  • High temperature glass viewport allows final inspection before weld initiation


  • The detachable double-clamping cartridge simplifies tube fit-up. The cartridge can be quickly removed from the Head for work piece fixturing, or used without removal from the weld head.
  • Tube (or fitting) ends are clamped independently in the two collets
  • A final check is made of the joint through the glass viewport in the top of the cartridge
  • Push "Start Weld" on the remote control Pendant
  • The Magnatech Power Source precisely follows the pre-programmed procedure and the weld progresses automatically; from the purging of the Head, to arc start, through the programmed weld parameters, followed by post-purge. The weld head remains fixed in position and the internal rotor gear, which holds the tungsten electrode, rotates around the tube
  • Rotation speed is precisely controlled using tachometer feedback speed regulation. The entire chamber of the cartridge is purged with inert gas for superior protection of the weld head.
  • Upon weld completion, the rotor automatically returns to the loading position, allowing the weld head to be removed from the finished weld; ready for the next

Process: GTAW, TIG

C-Head Profile

C-Head with Angled Tungsten


Weld Head Type:


Enclosed arc, Torch rotates around tube. Weld Head body remains stationary.
Tube Size Range:

  • C-10: 6.4mm - 25.4mm (0.25" -1.0") OD
  • C-25: 12.7mm - 63.5mm (0.5" - 2.5") OD
  • C-35: 19.1mm - 88.9mm (0.75" - 3.5") OD
  • C-45: 25.4mm - 114.3mm (1.0" - 4.5") OD
Functions: Tungsten rotation
  • Collets available for any tube size and fitting geometry
  • Lightweight detachable cartridge simplifies part fit-up and clamping
  • Use of multiple cartridges increases duty cycle and productivity
  • Waterproof Storage Case for weld head
  • Internal cooling of weld head standard
  • Optional water-cooled cartridges for high duty cycle applications
  • Glass viewport for weld joint inspection
  • Water-cooled cartridges available (in addition to internal weld head cooling). Cooling module bolts directly to standard cartridges, preventing potential overheating from hot work pieces
  • Tube-end locating tool centers tube ends directly under the tungsten, eliminating measuring and alignment errors
  • Extension cables allow use of the weld head up to 30m (100') from the power supply
  • Tungsten electrodes pre-ground and machined to the precise length required for each tube size available from Magnatech
  • Bench Mount Holder firmly retains weld head. Recommended when work pieces can be brought to the weld head
  • Offset tungsten holder allows use when axial clearance restrictions exist (such as short tangent fittings). Also allows socket welds to be made. Special tungsten holders can be engineered to allow welds to be made on work pieces with complex shapes, preventing conventional tungsten access
  • Manual tack welding kit includes water-cooled torch with adapter fittings

  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductor & High Purity
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nuclear
  • Instrumentation Lines
  • Medical & Biotechnology
  • Sanitary (Hygienic) Process Pipe
  • Food Processing & Dairy
  • Power Generation
  • Fitting & Valve Manufacturing
  • Brewery & Beverage

Orbital Autogenous GTAW welding of tube to tube, tube t0 fitting, and fitting to fitting

Cable Length

8m (25') Standard. Extension cables available

Power Supply Compatibility

Tubemaster Models & Pipemaster Models, except Pipemaster Model 515

Tungsten Electrode Size

All C-Heads provide mounting holes for two electrode sizes:
C-10 Model: 1.0mm and 1.6mm (.040" and .0625")
C-25, C-35, c-45 Models: 1.6mm and 2.4mm (.0625" and .094")

Dimensions / Weights C-10 C-25 C-35 C-45
Tube Diameter Range 6-25mm (.25-1.0") 12-64mm (.5-2.5") 19-89mm (.75-3.5") 25-114mm (1.0-4.5")
Maximum RPM 7.5
4.5 3.4 2.5
Weight (excl. cable) 1.8kg (4lbs.) 2.7kg (6lbs.) 4.5kg (10lbs.) 6.4kg (14lbs.)

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