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T-Head Weld Heads - Orbital Welding Equipment / Automated Welding Equipment T-Heads


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The T-Head model weld heads (Models 417 & 418) are "full function" - with the capability of reproducing all the precise motions of a skilled manual GTAW welder.  They are specifically designed for multipass pipe welding applications.  These weld heads consistently produce welds meeting the most stringent code quality standards.  The T-Heads are ideal for larger diameter/heavy wall pipe welding requirements.

Used with the Pipemaster Power Source Models, these weld heads improve productivity by increasing duty cycle, reducing repair rates and producing welds of consistent quality.

The T-Head is a rugged head for larger diameter / heavy wall applications requiring precise welding process control of GTAW.


The weld head is mounted on the pipe by means of metal Guide Rings(patented), which are available for all standard pipe / tube sizes.  The weld head mounts entirely on one side of the joint, allowing use for pipe-to-fitting welds.



FLX-Track® allows long linear seam welds on flat or curved surfaces, such as tanks and vessels requiring precision GTAW welding.  FLX-Track allows ID, OD, and compound curvature welds to be made.  Standard 2.3m (7.5') track sections quickly interlock to form longer lengths and mount on the workpiece using magnet, vacuum, or stud-gun attachment.  The track flexes to conform to different diameters, eliminating the need to purchase special tracks for each new application.  (For Model 418 only)



The width and speed of the torch oscillation stroke are independently programmed.  Torch "Dwell" is independently adjustable at both oscillation stroke end points.  A "Cross Seam Adjustment" steering control on the remote Pendant allows the welder to track the torch on the weld seam without the need for manual adjustments near the arc.  Pulsed current is automatically synchronized with torch oscillation when both functions are operated simultaneously.



The Arc Gap Control electronically maintains a desired arc length as the torch rotates around the pipe.



The T-Head drive system incorporates heat-tolerant components and a water-cooled housing for use on CrMo and other alloys requiring preheat.  Mounting the head on an oversize Guide Ring with adapter feet creates an air space, preventing heat damage.

Process: GTAW
Weld Head Type: Open arc.  Entire Head rotates around pipe.  Mounts on pipe using guide rings.
Pipe Size Range: 168.3mm & larger (6.625" & larger) OD  
Functions: Torch rotation, Filler wire feed, Electronic torch oscillation, Electronic arc gap (AVC) control  
  • Multipass welding of tubes / pipes in all gravity positions

  • Broad pipe size range

  • Full function capability (torch rotation, filler wire feed, electronic arc gap control, electronic oscillation)

  • Water cooled torch uses standard expendables

  • Welds pipe 16.8cm (6.625") & larger

  • Welds meet all code standards

  • Socket Welding Kit and Tilt AVC option for angle torch applications

  • Flx-Track® for linear seam welding (Model 418 only)

  • Trailing Gas Shield for welding reactive metals

  • Fossil Power Plant Construction & Maintenance

  • Steam Generation Equipment Fabrication

  • Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance

  • Chemical/Petrochemical Facility Construction & Maintenance

  • Shipyard Construction

  • Gas Transmission Pipelines

  • Process Piping

  • Industrial

  • Contractors


Pipe (Tube) Size - 16.8cm (6.625") and larger

Filler Wire Module
Wire Size 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm (.030", 0.35", 0.40", .045")
Max. Speed Capability 0 - 254cm/min (100ipm)
Spool Size

1kg (2lbs) Standard

Oscillation Module
Max. Oscillation Stroke Amplitude 16mm (0.625")
Max. Oscillation Speed 254cm (100") per minute
Oscillation Dwell 0 - 1 second
Cross Seam Adjustment

±6.4mm (0.25") Fine Adjustment

±38mm (1.5") Course Adjustment

Arc Gap Control Module

6.6cm (2.625")

Torch Propulsion Module

Max. Rotation Speed

25cm (10") per minute

Water-Cooled Torch
Amperage Capability 200A continuous
Torch Adjustment Capability
Torch Lead/Lag Adjustment

±5 degrees (manual)

Torch Tilt Adjustment ±10 degrees (manual)
Head Weight & Dimensions
Weight 10.8kg (24lbs.)
Axial Clearance  
    Torch C/L to Rear Extremity 46.4cm (18.25")
    Torch C/L to Front Extremity 2.9cm (1.125")
Radial Clearance

25cm (9.75")

Use With All Pipemaster models

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