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Steam Blows Startup

BES&T offers both exhaustive steam blows and continuous low pressure steam blows.

Exhaustive steam blows have been utilized in the industry for over 75 years, and was once the standard approach to cleaning steam circuits. This method is similar to the exhaustive air blow technique, except the boiler is fired to generate the pressurized steam used to clean the steam path to the turbines. BES&T provides specialized high temperature quick-opening valves for the technique, as well as detailed procedures and design of temporary piping, steam quenching devises, silencers and debris containment equipment. The highly trained Field Supervisors direct plant personnel in the conduct of this method, providing and operating target insertion devices used to assess the final cleanliness of the steam circuit systems.

Over 20 years ago, BES&T staff introduced the continuous low-pressure steam blow technique, which has become standard practice for the pre-commissioning cleaning of steam system circuits. This method provides for the steam generators to be continuously fired to generate steam velocities that are 7-15 times greater than the velocities generated during normal plant operations. Although the method requires the steam generators to be fired, it also provides the plant operators the opportunity to commission many plant auxiliary systems that require steam cleaning.



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