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Redhead Weld Heads - Orbital Welding Equipment / Automated Welding Equipment

Redhead mounted on pipe

Redhead in the field

Redhead in the field

The Redhead series of weld Heads are easy-to-operate tools for welding pipe.  Three standard models cover pipe sizes 12.7mm to 168mm OD (0.5"  to 6.625").  A mechanical arc length control device compensates for out-of-round pipe.  The basic weld Heads can be used for fusion welding applications.  Filler wire feed modules are optionally available for all models.

The Second Generation design provides continuously adjustable clamping - no need to interchange components when changing pipe sizes.

Redheads clamp only on one side of the weld joint, allowing use for pipe-to-fitting welds.

Used with all all Tubemaster and Pipemaster models, these weld heads improve productivity by increasing duty cycle, reducing repair rates and producing welds of consistent quality.


The Weld Head mounts entirely on one side of the joint, allowing use on pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds.

Process: GTAW, TIG
Weld Head Type: Enclosed arc.  Torch rotates around tube.  Weld Head body remains stationary.
Pipe/Tube Size Range:

R-1: 12.7mm - 38.1mm (0.5" - 1.5" ) OD

R-2: 33.4mm - 88.9mm (1.315" - 3.5") OD

R-3: 88.9mm - 168.3mm (3.5" - 6.625") OD

Functions: Tungsten rotation, Mechanical arc gap control, Filler wire feeder (Optional)
  • Water-cooled torch uses standard expendables

  • Full range adjustable clamping eliminates separate components

  • Mechanical arc length control compensates for out-of-round pipe

  • Push-button clutch for rapid cable unwind at weld completion

  • Lever activated clamp with micrometer fine adjustment accommodates variation in pipe OD

  • Heat tolerant steel bearings & chain drive

  • Waterproof storage case for weld head

  • Filler Wire feed modules
  • Socket (fillet) welding kit for angled torch applications
  • Extension cables
  • Trailing Gas Shield for welding reactive metals
  • Dual Head Switcher allows two head to be used alternately for high duty cycle
  • Aerospace
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Generation
  • High Purity / Sanitary
  • Chemical
  • Food Process / Dairy
  • Process Pipe


Weld Head

R-1 Head R-2 Head R-3 Head
Pipe Size Range

13mm - 38mm

(0.5" - 1.5")

33mm - 90mm

(1.315" - 3.5")

90mm - 168mm

(3.5" - 6.625")

Basic Head

  Max. Rotation Speed

  Arc Length Control

  Torch Rating


4.0 rpm


200 Amps @ 100% Duty Cycle


1.5 rpm


200 Amps @ 100% Duty Cycle


0.6 rpm


200 Amps @ 100% Duty Cycle

Filler Wire Module

  Wire Size

  Max. Speed Capability


  Spool Size


0.8mm (0.03")

190cm/min (75ipm)


0.16kg (0.35lbs.)


0.8mm (0.03")

190cm/min (75ipm)


0.16kg (0.35lbs.)


0.8mm (0.03")

190cm/min (75ipm)

0.16kg (0.35lbs.)

Cable Lengths 8m (25') Standard 8m (25') Standard 8m (25') Standard
Head Weights 3.9kg (8.5lbs.) 5.4kg (12lbs.) 9.0kg(20lbs.)
Axial Clearance (Torch to C/L to Rear Extremity) 12.7cm (5.0") 12.7cm (5.0") 12.7cm (5.0")
Axial Clearance (Torch C/L to Front Extremity) 1cm (0.41") 1cm (0.41") 1cm (0.41")
Width 14.0cm (5.5") 19.1cm (7.5") 28.0cm (11.0")
Radial Clearance Requirement [14cm (5.5") - Pipe OD] / 2 = Radial Clearance [19.1cm (7.5") - Pipe OD] / 2 = Radial Clearance [28cm (11.0") - Pipe OD] / 2 = Radial Clearance
Use With

All Tubemaster & Pipemaster models


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