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Pipeliner II Weld Head - Orbital Pipeline Welding / Automated Welding Equipment Pipeliner II

Pipeliner II completed weld

Pipeliner II in the field

Pipeliner II in the field

Pipeliner II on Flx-Track

Pipeliner II Wire on Head configuration

The Pipeliner II is the first practical alternative to manual welding of larger diameter and heavy wall pipes.  It produces the same weld quality as mechanized GTAW process pipe welders, but at 5 to 15 times the deposition rate.  Ideal for orbital pipeline welding using GMAW / FCAW processes.

Used with the MPS4000 Power Source, the Pipeliner Weld Heads produce welds with robotic consistency and precision that meet all code acceptance standards.

The Pipeliner is equally suitable for Fab Shop or Site Use, and has a proven history of dependability and productivity even in the harshest environments.

The MPS4000 digital power source stores factory-developed programs for many combinations of alloy, electrode diameter, and shielding gas, thus eliminating the need for complex programming.  Synergic control of wire speed and power output allows the welder to simply change wire speed - the power supply automatically changes output characteristics to maintain a stable process.

The Pipeliner system provides machine control of the welding process, yet is simple to operate.  The solution to the ever-declining number of skilled welders is to provide tools to increase each welder's productivity.  The Pipeliner brings the repetitive precision and high duty cycle of mechanized welding to your application.


The Pipeliner II System is capable of producing high-quality welds in all gravity positions - meeting ASME IX and API 1104 code requirements.  Deposition rates of 3.6 kg (8 lbs.) per hour are easily achieved welding uphill with flux core wire.  The system can also be used with solid wires.  Trials by the EPRI RRAC (The Electric Power Research Institute) validated Pipeliner weld quality and led to their recommendation of the Pipeliner System for use on critical high pressure CrMo pipe work in both nuclear and fossil power plants.



The Pipeliner II provides substantial productivity improvement over manual stick or semi-automatic GMAW.  (At least six times more productive than stick / SMAW welding).



The Power Boost* function increases the arc energy at the side walls of the weld joint, further enhancing positive side wall fusion.  The Power Boost operating mode synchronizes two levels of wire speed with Torch oscillation motion.  Wire speed (power) is momentarily increased during the "Dwell" period for improved side wall fusion, and immediately reduced as the Torch crosses the seam to control the size of the weld puddle.

(*Wire Feed on Head & "Push-Pull" models only)



The Model 609 can be used on both pipe as well as with Flx-Track™.  Flx-Track™ allows circumferential butt and fillet welding on ID or OD curved work pieces as well as straight seams on flat and curved surfaces.  A switch-actuated pneumatic option allows rapid mounting.



The Model 609 is available with two basic configurations:

  • "Push-Pull" - Uses conventional push wire feeder with Head-mounted pull feeder.  Uses standard 15 kg (25 lbs) spool size.  Push feeder mounts above power source.  Extension cables between power source and push wire feeder.  Torch cable length 8m (25ft).  Suitable for fab shop/site use.

  • Wire Feeder on Head - Uses special four-roll drive feeder (Head-mounted).  Uses standard 5 kg (10 lbs) spool (Head-mounted).  Extension cables between power source and weld head.  Suitable for fab shop/site use

The Pipeliner II System is in use throughout the world by diverse industries requiring repeatable, code-quality welds.

  • Approved for use for field welding of large diameter, high pressure pipes in boilers used for power generation by Electric Utilities and the Pulp/Paper Industry.

  • Used by fabricators of components for the power generation industry and for field assembly of prefabricated components.

  • Numerous contractors have used the Pipeliner for welding cross-country transmission pipelines.

  • The Pipeliner has successfully been used for welding heavy wall pressure piping in nuclear power plant construction.  Field welds met the rigorous quality criteria of Canada's largest Utility.  A contractor used the Pipeliner for replacement of large diameter turbine piping during maintenance of a nuclear power plant.

  • Used at chemical plants and for refinery construction and maintenance operations.

  • A manufacturer of medical imaging devices is using the Pipeliner for welding 2m (6.6ft) diameter vessels.  The Pipeliner replaced a mechanized TIG process which required six times longer to complete a weld.

  • The high deposition rate with high quality makes the Pipeliner ideal for use in time critical applications such as marine pipe laying.

  • Used for both piping and linear seam welds, the Pipeliner's versatility makes it a cost effective tool.

Field site

Offshore Platform




Process: GMAW/FCAW (short circuit, spray and pulsed-spray transfer modes, also can be used with newly-developed metal transfer modes) Pipeliner II in the field

Pipeliner II Dither option

Weld Head Type: Open arc.  Entire Head rotates around pipe.  Mounts on pipe using guide rings.
Pipe Size Range: 168.3mm & larger (6.625" & larger) OD
Functions: Torch rotation, Filler wire feed, Electronic torch oscillation, Remote torch proximity control (motorized)
  • Multi-pass welding of pipes in all gravity positions
  • Broad pipe size range capability - 168mm (6.625") & larger
  • Small stable molten puddle with low spatter
  • Good penetration characteristics with no "cold lap" lack of fusion defects
  • Water-cooled 300 amp torch uses standard components
  • "Push-Pull" and Head-mounted wire feeder models available
  • Flx-Track allows ID and OD mounting on larger tanks, vessels and ductwork
Pipeliner II mount on guide ring

Pipeliner II mounted on pipe

Pipeliner II mounted on pipe


  • Fossil power plant construction / maintenance
  • Nuclear power plant construction / maintenance
  • Steam generation equipment fabrication
  • Gas pipeline construction
  • Oil pipeline construction
  • Water pipeline construction
  • Marine pipeline construction
  • Chemical facility construction / maintenance
  • Petrochemical facility construction / maintenance
  • Large diameter vessel fabrication
  • Ship yard construction

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Pipe Size - 168mm (6.625") and larger

Pipe Wall Thickness - unlimited

Flx-Track™ for welding on flat and curved surfaces

Oscillation Module (Linear)
Oscillation Stroke Amplitude 0 - 5.1cm (2")
Oscillation Speed 0 - 254cm/min (100ipm)
Oscillation Dwell 0 - 1 second.  Independently adjustable at both stroke endpoints
Cross Seam Adjustment ±2.5cm (1.0")
Oscillation Module (Pendular)
Oscillation Angular Stroke 0 - 15°
Oscillation Speed 0 - 2.5Hz maximum
Oscillation Dwell 0 - 1 second.  Independently adjustable at both stroke endpoints
Cross Seam Adjustment ±20°
Torch Vertical Motion Module

Stroke:  6.6cm (2.625") (motorized)

Speed:  152cm/min (60ipm) maximum

Tractor Module

  Speed Capability

  Travel Direction

Poly-Track® Propulsion (Patented)

0 - 76.2cm/min (30ipm). Higher speed motors available.

Switch selectable (on Head)


Wire Diameter:  0.8mm - 1.6mm (0.03" - 0.62")

Wire Feed Speed:  0.5 - 22m/min (20 - 866ipm)

Wire Spool Size:  15kg (25/33lbs) Push-Pull:  5kg (10lbs) Wire on Head

Water-Cooled Torch
  Amperage Capability:  300 Amps Continuous.  Uses standard components.
Cable Length

Wire Feeder on Head - 15m (50') Standard

Push-Pull - 8m (25') Standard

Torch Adjustment Capability

Torch Lead/Lag Adjustment:  ±15 degrees (manual)

Torch Tilt Adjustment:  ±10 degrees (manual)

Angle Bracket (Optional):  ±45 degrees (manual)

Use With MPS4000 model

View Brochure in PDF format in COLOR or B&W or as a JPEG or GIF


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