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Waterwall Panel Jacking Devices

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Waterwall Panel Jacking Device

This jacking device is used to align waterwall panels or plates and beams. It has 10 tons of force.

Aligning 1 1/4" tube Waterwall panels

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Aligning 1 1/4" tube Waterwall panels

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Weld on lug for Jacking Device

These lugs can be ordered for any size tubing and can be reused many times.

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Panel Jacking Equipment

There are currently 2 sizes of Panel Jacks available for rent.

  • The small one is preferred for about 90% of all tube panel membrane fit up, and is designed for use with an ( Enerpac RC-102 or OTC C-102C ) cylinder. (Cylinders are not supplied )
  • The large one is preferred where membrane fit up needs a longer jack as on some Supercritical Boilers and is used with an ( Enerpac RC-104 or OTC C-104C ) cylinder.

They both have the same amount of jacking force and have been tested at the full capacity of the Porta Power cylinder ( 10 Tons).

When ordering weld on lugs for the Panel Jacks, please specify whether the jacks will be used for plates/beams or waterwall tubes, the OD of the tubing & membrane width is needed for the proper lug length. These 2 hole lugs can be reused many times.


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