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Morgrip 150

1000 Series

2000 Series

3000 Series

Standard Products

The MORGRIP has a modular design, comprising a centre section housing and one or a series of gripping segments on either side of the centre section. (The number of gripping segments pairs applied depends on the pressure rating of the coupling). Each gripping segment houses a series of spring loaded ball bearings positioned circumferentially round the inside of the segment body.

To connect two lengths of pipe the gripping segments are slid over the end of each pipe, with the centre section housing being positioned over the pipe joint between the gripping segments. All segments and centre housing are then pulled together by stud bolts located around the coupling circumference. When the bolt load is applied, the ball bearings roll and swage into the external surface of the pipe and provide the mechanical grip.

The ball bearings being independent of each other, are capable of compensating for oval pipe and surface imperfections.

The only preparation required in order to install the coupling is that the pipe's outer surface should be free from surface coatings, as the seals are capable of compensating for slight imperfections in the pipe's surface and diameter tolerances.

To allow the indentation of the ball bearings a 'pre-set' gap exists between the ball segments fitted to either side of the pipe and the centre section. Tensioning the bolts causes the segments to move together causing the balls to roll, at the same time, the couplings radial seals are compressed and seal onto the pipe's periphery.


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