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Innovation is the foundation upon which H&S has built their worldwide reputation for total performance in service and products.

Special machining performance saves you time and money with:

1. advanced engineering that delivers peak performance on site or in the shop job after job.

2. precision machining and assembly provides maximum efficiency to accomplish your task faster and boost your production.

3. innovative blades, tool holders, cutters and accessories increase versatility and convert your standard H&S tool into a special machining workhorse making difficult beveling and machining projects routine.

The patent pending Multi-Prep® is a classic example. Call us with your toughest application. H&S special machining will help you be more profitable and more effective.

Precision J-Prep tool holders are available to prep ends for orbital welding with a standard beveling tool.

Fin removal is both fast and easy with H&S tools. Proper matching of tool holders and blades accurately match your tube O.D.

The ultimate in time saving efficiency, this patented Multi-Prep® cutter will simultaneously clean the tube O.D. or remove membranes and place a clean, accurate bevel on the end. They are generally used our model BR or MB tools. The Multi-Prep® cutter increases efficiency dramatically.

More about the Multi-Prep® cutter
Wear resistant coatings can now be removed with our exclusive cutter. Replaceable carbide inserts accurately clean cladding for welding. Fully clad and one-sided cladding can both be accomplished. The single side removes the overlay without damaging the other side.
Stub removal from headers is simple with the model MS and tool holders sized to your tube dimensions.
Profile beveling automatically matches the tube end contour to the radius of the piece to which it will welded. Contact the factory with your specifications.

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