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Power Products has specialty tools that you need for your pipe cutting and grinding needs by D.L. Ricci Corp.

Clamshells A complete line of patented clams for pipe cutting, pipe beveling, ID boring, facing and OD turning.
BU Flange Facer

An entire range of inexpensive pipe beveling tools for re-facing flanges.

End Prep Machines

Adjustable for various pipe beveling and flange facing configurations.

Oval Manway Seat Grinder

Conditions old and corroded gasket oval manway seat grinder surfaces.

Hand Hole Grinder

Used for repairing and refurbishing leaking hand hole surfaces.

Tire Grinder

This stationary machine is designed to regrind tires, trunions and rollers on kilns and large vessels.


This portable grinding machine provides powerful and accurate on-site grinding for trunnions or other large rollers.

Portable Milling Machines

Single or all axis precision machining done accurately and quickly with these portable mills.

Keyway Cutters

Re-cuts worn keyways or new keyways in place.

Portable Hydraulic Drill

Versatile and portable machine for drilling, tapping, core-drilling and line boring.

Portable Boring Bars

A variety of boring tools for smooth and precise portable boring.

Journal Turning Lathe

Smooth and accurate in-place machining of journals and shafts.


The new MS-JTL combines our Clamshell and Journal Turning Lathe designs for precision machining of large diameter shafts.

Axial Feed

Adaptable to our Clamshell Machine, it is designed to meet crucial specifications of weld finishing and OD turning in limited space and hostile environments.

Hydraulic Power Supplies

Self contained units capable of supplying power to all the hydraulic equipment.

Tube Specialty Tools Complete line-up of precise tube squaring and tube cutting tools from High Purity Piping Technology (HPPT is a division of D.L. Ricci Corp.).

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