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A Fast Track To Crop Shear Yield Improvement

A Fast track site project which incurred just six days downtime was carried out at a British Steel Mill by Universal Engineering and Design, using hydraulic tensioning nut technology from UK's Hydratight Sweeney.

The project was to refurbish the mill's crop shear to improve its yield. Several years of working under high dynamic and vibrational forces had increased the shear's working clearances to excessive levels - the refurbishment involved removing these clearances and realigning the shear to the mill.

Compared with the cost of a new shear, the refurbishment makes considerable financial sense.

A major concern before the refurbishment was the shear continually working loose on its foundations. The required force to prevent this movement was calculated whilst ensuring that the crushing strength of the concrete foundations was not exceeded.

Custom-built hydraulic nuts designed and supplied by Hydratight Sweeney enabled accurate application of the required load.

Following realignment of the shear, the crop shear cap was replaced and load applied to other hydraulic nuts, supplied by Hydratight Sweeney. Accurate and even loading is essential for maximum cutting efficiency since the cap bolts provide the clamping force that prevents the blades from separating when shearing takes place.


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