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The Controlled Liquid Nitrogen Pipe Freezing System

Accu-Freeze utilizes liquid nitrogen in a controlled system to freeze stationary liquids in a selected section of pipe or tubing. By controlling the surface temperature of the pipe, Accu-freeze can accurately and safely form an in-line ice plug, capable of withstanding 2000 psi in pipes up to 12 inch diameter. This temporary plug isolates the section, thus allowing repairs and modifications to be made without shutting off or draining down the entire system.

The Accu-Freeze Technique

Throughout Qwik-Freezer's twenty-five years of pipe freezing and maintenance our customers have requested pipe-freezing systems that will:

  • Be able to freeze larger diameter pipe
  • Control the entire freeze process

In response to this COB Industries, Inc. introduces Accu-Freeze the world’s first controlled liquid nitrogen pipe freezing system. An Accu-Freeze ice plug starts with wrapping copper tubing and specially designed insulated jacket around the section of pipe to be frozen. The liquid nitrogen is supplied by your local welding or gas distributor. The nitrogen is then injected through our patent pending control system. By constantly reading the surface temperature of the pipe the Accu-Freeze system controls the flow of liquid nitrogen through the wrap and accurately and safely forms an ice plug in lines up to 12 inch diameter.

Accu-Freeze uses it patented control system to accurately and safely create an ice plug. The ice plug only forms beneath the Accu-Freeze coil wrap and jacket (jacket is used on a 6-12 inch pipe.) and does not expand outside of this point. This controlled plug does not create enough pressure to effect the integrity of the pipe. Pipe burst happen when ice forms in an uncontrolled manner and create hydrostatic pressure between ice plugs or against a closure in the line. (Care should be taken to freeze 12 inches away from any closure for every 1 inch diameter of pipe). If you should have any questions please consult a COB Freeze Technician.

Safety Notes

Accu-freeze utilizes liquid nitrogen to create the cryogenic temperatures necessary to form ice plugs. Safety precautions must always be taken when using this product.

Protective clothing, gloves, goggles etc. must be worn at all times when operating this product. Failure to do so may result in severe frostbite.

Liquid nitrogen is heavier than air and will displace oxygen. Proper ventilation is required especially when operating in confined areas.

Accu-Freeze is designed to operate with liquid nitrogen tanks fitted with 22 psi safety valves. Use with any tanks other than properly specified will cause damage to unit and possibly harm to the operator. Please consult a COB Technician for other pipe freezing or pipe repair information.


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