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About Valkyrie Commissioning Services

Corporate Background

The Oil & Gas Industry has few choices when faced with pipeline commissioning work. There is the high-end and the low-end. Both are extremely risk adverse, but for very different reasons.

The high-end providers are a small part of a huge organization. They must deal with bureaucracy as well as high overhead costs. Resources are abundant and professionalism is inherent, but it comes with a high cost to the client. In addition, high-end providers often over manage their risk in order to protect the parent organization's primary service lines. This generally means high cost and high risk for the Client.

The low-end provider has no other significant service line to protect. They simply lack the resources, knowledge, and/or desire to manage even small projects. They prefer to rent the client some equipment and people. Drop them off, pick them up, and send a cheap bill. The Client often saves in price, but assumes an even higher risk than with high-end providers.

Valkyrie Commissioning Services, Inc. has assembled a team that helps client's manage their risk. Projects are well planned, executed, and documented. Commercial structure is based on the client's desire. VCS can propose a lump sum or day rate no matter the level of work. We can execute a limited or an extensive scope of work. Our company provides premier service at reasonable cost.

Corporate Overview

With a concentrated background in offshore construction, our management team consists of key individuals whose experience represents a broad-based foundation ranging from competing, client, and complementary service organizations.



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